Completed Projects

Our projects range from elaborate original structures to complete “overhauls” and remodeling enterprises. Below are some examples: built-in aquarium with modern materials, kitchen cabinets and granite counter-tops, an ocean-view bathroom, another custom-designed kitchen. We tailor to your desires, personality, cooking style and lifestyle.

One of our strong suits is integrating the outdoors with the indoors. We use the best elements of both, to accentuate the beautiful surroundings of our locale, while emphasizing each individual’s artwork, ethnicity, character and preference of color, shape and pleasing design.

Whether your tastes run toward the traditional, the contemporary or a mix of styles and periods, the project we plan together will reflect YOU! Our 35 years in the business include many successful collaborations with architects and a thorough knowledge of state-of-the art construction trends with a high regard for heritage, budget, personal flair and tastes.