Why Keller?

Since 1978, Keller and Keller has played a passionate part in the development of San Diego, completing scores of successful remodels throughout the region.  As a native San Diegan, Bruce Keller’s reputation is gleaned from a lifetime of experience and extensive global exposure to architectural trends and time honored methods.  His ability to integrate clients’ wishes and budget concerns with the natural beauty of the environment complements his talent for communication.  The result is a cohesive team project, both smooth and exciting, integrating each key element at the proper time.  Keller’s reputation is stellar.  His clients praise his creativity and ability to meet budget and time constraints with enthusiasm, patience and foresight.  He is truly the “conductor” of the construction orchestra, making teach project unique and memorable.  Choosing the right contractor is one of life’s important decisions.  Enthusiasm, patience and foresight enhanced by technical skills set Keller and Keller apart.

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It is important to both contractor and client to be on time and on budget. While there are sometimes  “surprises” in construction projects, the mark of a real “pro” is his ability to resolve the challenge with the client and get the project done.

Because of Bruce Keller’s reputation as an inventive, proven and progressive licensed contractor, he attracts quality sub-contractors.  They are experienced, professional and punctual.  Keller’s partner Jim Slater personifies these traits. The Keller and Keller team are creative thinkers and generous contributors to each unique project. They are neat, polite and tops in their fields. Their expertise helps realize the project’s master plan.

Many elements must come together to create a successful project. Our award-winning reputation (including a Better Homes and Gardens endorsement) and clients’ kudos, speak for our quality. Whether your dream is imaginative and “off the charts” or basic and utilitarian, Keller and Keller will make it come true.